• VA House

    Garden Villas – Binh Phuoc City

Area: 300 m2

Year: 2018

The garden villa is located in the middle of the cashew garden and the landlord's request to keep all the existing tall trees. This makes the design very interesting, green trees will be interfering with the courtyard in the villa. The local element will be strengthened in this villa by multiplying the rough brick walls, combined with the diagonal cauldron roof to create a cozy yet modern space.

The garden villa space with the initial strength is located in a land with lots of greenery, the villa is completely cool and naturally ventilated and natural light is a strong point of this design.

It is also important to create spaces when the homeowner sits inside, the design creates a large array of glass from the floor to the ceiling so that the view can cover all the green outside. The interior of the villa is also a rustic design trend combined with simple but delicate lines to show off style.