• Mini Hotel – Thanh Long Bay

    Phan Thiet

Area: 21250 m²

Year: 2020 - in progress

The gentle and simple architecture around the project as well as the tourist road of Phan Thiet. The Rock and The Wave are the combination of natural lines with minimalism in architecture, creating a whole with a new shape.

THE WAVE Binh Thuan – a place bestowed by nature but difficult to find anywhere with similar beauty. Especially Bau Trang Mui Ne – a place with a wild, peaceful beauty like a water-based painting, surrounded by white sand slopes with sunshine, the wind given by nature. The lake is amazingly beautiful. In the midst of the blazing sun, the sand dunes appeared with a magical shimmer.

Taking the idea of the soft and flexible narrative of nature, the floors, and balconies of the Mini hotel are also multidimensional. Combined with the kickback creates communication spaces from outside and inside. The balcony of the house will be covered with local crops with curves and the green block will look like an oasis.

THE ROCK – The natural features of many cliffs protruding from the water and embracing Ke Ga, people like this place to a rock garden of nature.

Plants are brought close to the bedroom, the system of dividing the view between the rooms, bringing interesting feelings for visitors.

The building facade is also the surface that receives the most radiation, the cliff system shades the sun, creating convection of the sea wind.

Minimalist interior design