• LA House

    West Townhouse – Da Nang City

Area: 230 m2

Year: 2019

The townhouse in Da Nang and Northwest direction, a part of the side of the house receives the sun completely from the West, the solution has to deal with this problem for the homeowner, while ensuring the aesthetic factors and the flexibility in giving solutions to avoid sunlight.

The design of the indoor spaces, in order to bring in the most natural elements, the design has created a lot of green areas so that the spaces inside the house can be seen everywhere. The design to bring green trees into the house must ensure the technicality and reasonable lighting and drainage for the trees.

The cross-section of the building shows the best natural ventilation design with optimal efficiency in the space used. Combined with the sunshades and delicately patterned door frames to shade the west sun, but still optimizes the light for the house to save energy consumption during use. The green space covers the whole space, making the living comfort to be promoted, and feeling comfortable when living in the house.