• K-Villa + Green Villa – Can Tho Province


    • Name of project: K-Villa +

    • Location: Hung Phu, Can Tho

    • Design: SPACE + Architecture

    • Architect: Tran Cong Danh

    • Technical management: Architect Tran Thao Xuan Phuong

    • Year of completion of construction: 2020

    • Land area: 1800m2

Located in the heart of Hung Phu New Urban Area, Can Tho City, K-Villa + is the first and only villa currently in the Mekong Delta that fully meets the criteria of Lotus Green Building. The project is designed with a modern tropicalized style, maximizing the use of open spaces, in harmony with nature, using green design solutions to improve the health of the user. value sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The work is located in a newly planned residential area, complete infrastructure, close to commercial centers, services, public transport …

Low building density is less than 15%, giving priority to green areas, water surface, rain-absorbent lawn surface, greenery on roofs … contributing to reducing the effect of urban heat island “Urban heat island”.

The landscape of planting fruit trees, local green trees such as breast milk, mango, rambutan, embankment …, water structure …

Natural ventilation factor in the building

Located in the typical Southeast and southwest monsoon climate of the Mekong Delta, K-Villa + is designed with open spaces, windflower walls, and window door positions. reasonable to welcome and optimize convection wind currents to bring natural coolness for users inside the building.

Natural lighting and visual comfort (comfort visual)

With the abundant source of sunlight in the tropics, the architect has brought natural lighting solutions such as courtyards, skylights, and large light windows to make the building almost free of light. artificially in the daytime, the used spaces all meet the standards of natural lighting according to TCVN.

The above solutions combine with open spaces at the same time helping the members of the house easily see each other as well as admire the natural beauty of the garden around the house during work and birth. active.

Environmentally friendly materials

The building uses environmentally friendly materials such as unburnt bricks for the covering structure, the garden using grass bricks, the weather steel fence without painting, and maintenance of the inner surface. long time (up to 80 years). Inside the house using flooring materials from planted wood, water paints without VOCs (carbon-based chemicals), do not emit harmful emissions for the user.

Using energy economically – effectively

The synchronous combination of ventilation solutions – natural lighting, roof insulation (green roof, hollow tile floor), water-surface greenery, double skin steel bar system, low-E double-layer glass shading direction Tay helps the house to use artificial energy in an economical and efficient way.

Effective construction management

During the construction process, the project is managed based on the Lotus standard, noise is limited, waste is sorted for recycling.

Sociality in the works

A 6m landscape road is opened (meaning the residential area is narrowed) to create a bridge for the surrounding people to access the green park, nearby residents can also use to go. re, exercise, take pictures, take a bath … create community activities around the project.


The spiral staircase is an artistic highlight in the center of the house as well as a sky well that naturally illuminates the main traffic hall space of the house.

Elevator with front glass door and rear glass wall to help observe the outdoor landscape, the elevator’s room is completely lit by daylight.

The top floor of the house is a relaxing space with a sauna-like in the middle of nature. Windflower tiles are used to create privacy, but still, meet the ventilation and natural light as well as a unique highlight for the project.

K-Villa is one of the few private housing projects in Vietnam designed according to Lotus – VGBC green building standards, upholding and respecting sustainable values, the project is expected to be certified. Lotus – Silver in mid-2020 after completing the remaining items and completing paperwork with VGBC.