• Joel Petrignani villa – France

    Monticello City – France

Area: 580.0 m2

Year: 2010

Located on the middle of a hill, the design bears the breath of the French countryside. The villa is designed with 2 floors with the upper floor overlooking the green valley. The design is calculated to be sufficient for sufficient natural lighting and ventilation, as well as for efficient use of energy. The villa is designed with bright natural colors to be in harmony with nature, living with nature in a peaceful land.

The ground floor has a garage and is surrounded by the natural rocks of the region. From a distance, the villa looks like a whole in the middle of the hill

Interior design is simple, using white and bright colors as the main theme. The main highlight and also the use of a fireplace to divide the living room and dining room space in harmony, to facilitate the use of indoor space.